It’s easy to join the Friends of Cochituate State Park.

We look forward to welcoming you as a new member!

1. Be Proactive!

  • Join a project
    • Lead an initiative to fundraise for or help deisgn and build a new playground. Think big and launch an elaborate campaign for a new visitor’s center. We’re all ears!
  • Become a mascot
    • Get into costume and character as Ollie and Olivia, our Otter mascots. They’re fun, they’re sociable, they’re affable and they’re brainy – and we need you to help bring them to life!
    • Entertain kids and adults at the park, help answer Ollie and Olivia’s fan mail and respond to requests for appearances.
  • Create a Program
    • Have a talent or hobby you love? Teach it to kids and adults at Cochituate in a fun, recreational and educational way. You could also organize or participate in a clean-up within your local community or group to preserve the park’s natural beauty.
  • Fundraise
    • Facilitate tax-deductible contributions to help pay for Friends activities.

2. Raise Awareness about the Friends!

  • Increase Membership
    • Bring new people on board to be friends...naturally.
  • Get our Name out there
    • Get coverage of the Friends’ events in newspapers, radio, television and, of course, online. Have a talent for the written word? Know someone in the media? Talk up the Friends!
    • Plan and implement a full range of marketing and promotional activities for the Friends and the park.
    • Supervise our full-service advertising agency, Boston University's AdLab.

3. Help out from the inside!

  • Staffing and Volunteers
    • Serve as the Human Resources Department for the Friends by suggesting and placing members and volunteers into activities they will enjoy.
  • Web and I.T.
    • Help with the Friends website and email systems.
  • Administration and Finance
    • Help with budgeting, accounting and bookkeeping, state and federal filings, insurance and other business matters.

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Becoming a Friend

7. Which of the following volunteer opportunities are you interested in?

8. We're otterly excited for you to become a Friend. Briefly tell us why you love the park as much as we do: